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WS130502 Authentic Personal Branding with a… TWIST

Topic Highlights
If you think it’s the slow economy that’s slowing down the growth of your business… forget it... It’s your APB!
Nizar Masri will be speaking about the significance of authentic personal branding, APB and how it can affect the growth of your business from anywhere between 10% to…20%... 30%... 40% to… there are no limits. So if you are interested in finding out how you can propel your business outcomes beyond normal expectations in any economic environment. This a definite must attend workshop that you should not miss out on.

About the Speaker

Nizar Masri is a visionary transformational leader, an inspirational speaker, wonderful teacher and a compassionate APB practitioner. He has been involved in public speaking for the last fifteen years.  His desire to promote peace, dialogue and understanding was notable. He was dubbed in the US as a cultural ambassador whose mission was to bridge the great cultural divide between East and West. The recent shifts in global economy increasingly burdened him to re-channel his gifts and talents towards domestic applications. In the last few years, he has focused his attention to making a difference through Authentic Personal Branding (APB). Nizar Masri is now the Founder and CEO of 360 Revolution s.a.r.l. which specializes in growing and propelling businesses through APB and Spiritual Intelligence (SQI).
Nizar Masri has a BA in Education (with two minors in Business & Psychology) from LAU; an MA in Spiritual Intelligence from the University of Wales, UK. He has also done Graduate Studies in Educational Psychology at AUB.