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WS130515 NGO transformation from charity to social enterprise

Topic Highlights

With the dwindling funds and grants that are available, many NGOs are struggling to survive. They are either shutting down their operations or moving into new fields that have nothing to do with their mission but rather are chasing the money.

Majority of the people I meet, when I tell them “NGO” the first thing that comes to their mind is “Charity”. Nevertheless, new innovative ways in income generation have been making their way to the NGO world.

In this context, and for the past few years, I’ve been advising and consulting NGOs on how to adopt a business model into their operations and projects as a way to generate enough income to sustain and grow. 

This presentation will give you an insight on how it is done.

About the Speaker

As a management consultant and trainer, Afif's career started during his studies at the university when he first worked at the Computing & Networking Services (CNS) at AUB. After graduating, he worked at CSC Bank as Senior IT Development Officer. In parallel, he worked on a freelance basis as a consultant and trainer to assist corporations and NGOs in Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, Human Capital Management, Project & Program Management and Leadership. Currently, he works on a full time basis as a Consultant at CMCS Lebanon with special focus on Project Management for Entrepreneurs and NGOs.

Moreover, on a daily bases he focuses on keeping himself well informed and aligned with global and local issues through ongoing studies as he believes in life long learning. He is especially interested in the fields of Youth Empowerment, Leadership, NGO & SME Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Coaching & Consultancy, ICT, PR, Training Techniques and Project Management.