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WS130724 A smiling Ca$h Flow

Topic Highlights

The success of any type of a business remains in ensuring a positive ca$hflow.
This workshop will cover key aspects to improve your ca$hflow in business and in your personal life. Sales is a key factor, reducing expenses is another factor and we will also cover top 10 tips to help you in this regard.
Enjoy the learning process!

About the Speaker

Jade Dagher is the owner of EXPAND and the managing director of WIDE SARL for income management services.
He has 13 years of experience in banking, feasibility studies and other financial services for individuals and SME. He is a trainer for the Citi Foundation-funded Arab Women's Entrepreneurship Project, panelist at the Ideaz Prize, judge for the We Empowerment initiative at BLC bank and mentor at Mowgli Foundation.
He earned a Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance for NDU Lebanon.