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WS130904 Innovation

Topic Highlights

The promotion of innovation, in particular technological innovation, in developing countries is becoming a fashionable subject. The purpose of the workshop is to educate the necessary skills to understand what are the factors influencing implementation of the innovation, and how do system structure and dynamics impact implementation of the innovation.

Moreover, the workshop will assist the attendees understand the effect of innovation in developing countries. Finally, practical exercises are used to emphasize the true value of Innovation.

About the Speaker

Dr. Ahmad EL Zein is the director of “Training and Continuing Education Institute” and Instructor in Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS). He has over 6 years in managerial positions and 7 years telecommunication experience.

He finished a Doctorate in business administration from Grenoble Ecole de management in 2013 and holds a PMP since 2008. He lectured and organized many conferences, trainings and symposiums in Lebanon. He presented Project Management lectures in TEI University of Larissa, Greece.