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WS130911 Lean Overview

Topic Highlights

LEAN Thinking and Strategies

Are you looking for fast and dramatic results? 

Lean thinking is the next generation of organizational effectiveness, process improvement and innovation. Companies transitioning to a lean culture are now seeing radical improvements in profitability, service levels, productivity, asset utilization, cash flow, inventory levels, product designs, quality, cycle times, and product costs.
You are invited to this free informational session to know how Lean strategies and tools can produce the kind of outstanding results that organizations are now raving about. 

About the Speaker

Ms. Anastasia Sayegh

Anastasia is the managing partner at Lean Enterprise Inc. in Beirut. She is a Certified Lean Master and is also a Master Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) through the Villanova University in the United States. She has partnered with AUST to train the Lean program as part of the TQM Certificate.
Anastasia has extensive experience from her overseas and domestic studies and work. She has held positions and completed assignments BTS Sydney as well as different Lebanese hospitals. As a Certified Sales Manager, Ms Sayegh established herself as a reference in the world of Medical filtration practice during her 10 years as the Sales Manager for Pall Medical products (USA), and she frequently received awards for being the best salesperson in the Middle East.
Anastasia has more than 12 years experience in training Health Care Professionals and participated as a speaker in National and International congresses related to healthcare, further to attending AABB for over 10 years as a member of the American Society of Blood Bank.
Her focus now, in representing Lean Enterprise INC. (LEI Canton- Ohio - USA), is to transfer her knowledge and experience with the Lean Mastery Program and to certify people to become self-reliant in deploying Lean in their organizations.