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WS130925 Contamination Control

Topic Highlights

Save Your Investment

Are your hydraulic components still failing?
Lubricant is your machinery life blood.

If YOU save it from contamination it will save YOU:
  • 75% of oil consumption
  • 80% reduction in hydraulic repairs
Is that important for your business???

Come and join us at Bubleik on the 25th of September starting 05:30pm to discuss more opportunities for you and your business.

About the Speaker

Johnny Frem found his passion in training on industrial maintenance based on the skills he acquired leading the Technical Department at SKF. His focus since 1992 until 1996 paved his way to a Bachelor degree as an Instructor at Technical schools transferring his knowledge to future leaders in the industrial field.

During his career path at SKF Lebanon from 1997 until 2008, Johnny acquired several skills because he always believed that “Theory without practice is sterile” (To know and not to DO is not yet to Know) and 11 years of practice and field work positioned Johnny as an Expert.