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WS131023 Leadership and Decision-Making

Topic Highlights

Leadership Round Table: ‘’Leadership and Decision-Making’’
Have you ever wondered what sets apart great and successful leaders from the average ones? DECISIVENESS.
Throughout this Motivational Round Table, you will be introduced to the following topics that will get you moving instantaneously and geared to the Leadership journey that you aspire to:
1.      Roles and Functions of a Leader
2.      Power and Leadership
3.      Emotional Influence of a Leader
4.      Critical Thinking
5.      Decision Making vs. Decisiveness

About the Speaker

Pierre El-Hnoud
A Senior Leadership & Strategy Advisor and Motivational Speaker & Coach with over 25 years of international experience enabling growth, profitability and higher performance for individuals, universities, Multi-National Corporations and governmental agencies in over 60 countries worldwide.

Prior to co-founding COMMUNICATE a Management Consulting firm in 2008; I held various Directorship positions at IBM/PWC Canada, CGI Canada and KPMG for over a decade.