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WS131106 KISS Your Pitch

Topic Highlights

Every day you have the opportunity to introduce yourself or your Idea to new people.

How to Keep It Simple and Smart...
How to Keep it Short and Sexy...
And why you should know the 8 Cs to master the Art of Pitching?

Join Andre Abi Awad in 90 minutes to know more about how you can create a 30 Seconds Elevator Pitch that can drive you more results than a 30 minutes talk...

About the Speaker

Andre Abi Awad is an energetic and dynamic Trainer inspiring Individuals to discover their Aim, and Assisting them to turn their Passion into a Life Purpose so they enjoy what they do and they do what they Love to Achieve the best of everyday.

Andre is the founder of Entapreneur, the Entrepreneurship Center at the Arab Open University - Lebanon, where they empower and accelerate future entrepreneurs to create and boost their businesses.

Maya Dargham - ISO 9001-2008 consultant at SciTek S.A.R.L. - who attended this workshop, wrote the following:
“Once you meet Andre, you will be surprised for meeting 4 in 1 person. Such people are rare and I'm pleased I've met one during my professional life. Andre Abi Awad, A slogan for ethical behavior, professionalism, competency and dynamism. I had the luck to be among his audience for a Business Model and Elevator Pitch seminar.”

You may know more about Andre by visiting his LinkedIn Profile or his Facebook Page.