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WS131218 Conversational Hypnosis at Work

Topic Highlights

Communication is one of the most fundamental of human activities. It is of vital importance in our personal life, as well as in organizational and social settings. Becoming aware of the way and the effects of how we communicate lead to better results, an empowering sense of cooperation, and a general harmony. 
We are subliminally exposed to the power of suggestion every day. So why not use this power, this state of mind, whether in a personal environment, as self-talk, or at work, and allow positive suggestions to dominate?
Learn NLP and hypnosis techniques to achieve the goals you desire. 

About the Speaker

Mona Abdulrahim-Santl (Mind Your Power - Beirut & Riyadh), has a multi-cultural background and thus understands how to flexibly adapt her work to the cultural, but also unique and individual needs of clients or multi-national corporations. She practices and trains in 4 languages and incorporates Hypnosis, NLP, Emotional Intelligence tools, EFT, Pranic healing, Kinesiology, Coaching and more into very personalized one on one sessions as well as corporate trainings.