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WS140115 Luxury Events and Public Relations

Luxury Events and Public Relations

This workshop will cover a glimpse of the fast paced developing events industry that is suffering the circumstances of social media and available ideas for everyone. From the latest trends to covering the points needed to be highlighted when creating an event, it will go through the whole scope of the events business and PR in terms of weddings, product launching and boutiques opening. Finally several guest speakers will add their valuable experience in the events and Public relations industry for you to assimilate as much knowledge as possible from practical examples of field work.

Maria Boustany

PR Manager at Chateau Rweiss. With her experience in PR campaigns to boost the image of high end brands along with more than 8 years of experience in the “événementielle”, Maria chose to increase the awareness of luxurious brand owners and events professionals on the benefits of PR and the advantages of high end refined events promoting.