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WS140122 Entrepreneurs’ toolkit

Topic Highlights

Entrepreneurs’ toolkit, a round table that covers the following topics:
  • Role of working spaces and incubators in the Lebanese Economy.
  • Business services a burden cost for startups and how to overcome it.
  • Introduction to debt financing opportunities in Lebanon.
  • Debt financing and how to leverage your startup.
  • When and how to use Crowd-funding to finance your startup.

About the Speaker 

Tarek Matar
  • Head of Strategy & Development @ Lebanese Swiss Bank sal
  • Founder @ Neopreneur
  • Founder @ Mawelna
  • National Board member of JCI Lebanon
  • Area 79 Treasurer @ Toastmasters Lebanon
  • Mentor at Mowgli Foundation

Tarek helps his company in building its strategy, acquiring new businesses, strengthening its position in the market, setting target for all business units and leading several growth development projects.

Currently founding a working space for entrepreneurs, Start-ups and professionals in Byblos with an expansion possibility to other regions & Mawelna sarl a newly Business Consultancy and debt financing company. 

More than six years experience in Financial Analysis, three years in Strategic Management and projects development; in parallel to five years plus volunteering experience in NGOs.

Tarek has a BBA from UQAM in 2003 and pursuing an MBA at USEK.