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WS140212 Happily Healthy Workday

Topic Highlights

The Integrative wellness coaching program promotes lifestyle change for health improvement. With a foundation in evidence-based practices, coaching interactions touch the physical, emotional and environmental hemispheres of each person’s life.
The Workshop materials will guide you through a sequential coaching process, with an emphasis on concrete outcome-focused sessions anchored by the Roots of Health – Nourish, Move, Balance, and Rest. You will experience tremendous success in transitioning to healthier lifestyles and lower overall disease risk.

In order to achieve a comprehensive state of wellness, you must devote equal attention to both internal and external aspects of personal well-being hence the five elements of life : nutrition, relationships, physical activity, career, spirituality. What we eat and how much we exercise ,  familial, social and professional relationships play an integral role in supporting your health behavior change.

About the Speaker

Maguy Lichaa is a health coach who addresses Food intolerance and food allergy, Counseling and health coaching, Body Weight management, Stress and pain management, and Motivational Balanced energy. Her professional experience is divided as follow:

I - “ Integrative Nutrition “ : 3  years as a - Health Coach 
II -  “ Body-Mind Consultant " : 12 years as a Specialist in Natural Therapies
      1. Chinese therapy: Acupuncture, Reflexology 
      2. Japanese therapy: Shiatsu, Reiki
      3. Indian therapy: Yoga stretches massage
      4. Ayrvedique massage: Shirrodhara massage
      5. Thai therapy: Thai traditional massage
      6. Fengshui 2nd degree 
III - Yoga trainer, Taichi, Qikong  : 7 years  of experience  
IV - Managing therapeutic:  8 years of experience 
Institutions, Spas, Pain and Anti-stress clinics / Clubs ,Full Staff training and Treatments structuring, Clinical Architecture (Fengshui)

Maguy is reachable by Mobile : 03720841 and Email: Web: