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WS140312 Presentation and Public Speaking

Topic Highlights

Are You Glossophobic? It’s time to cure it!

It is known that lots of people prefer to die than do a presentation in public.  Fear, anxiety, dry mouth, memory loss and many others signs characterize those people. 

The good news is that these symptoms are curable through two means: Learning the techniques of a successful presentation from one side, and practicing them, as much as possible, from the other side.

This 3 hour workshop will highlight briefly the techniques behind any effective presentation and will allow some of the attendees to practice and receive, on the spot, a constructive feedback, that will allow them improve their presentation and public speaking skills. 

About the Speaker

Ms. Georgina Ibrahim is the co-founder and Master Trainer of BESST SARL, where she introduced an audio CD, a first of its kind in the region, about Business & Social Etiquette.
She is a highly professional trainer in the field of Soft Skills, such as Communication Skills, Business Etiquette, Customer Service, Team Building, Time Management, Managerial Skills, etc.
Her domestic and regional training work experience had been with multiple renowned companies, in different industries (airlines, banks, universities, etc.) in various countries of the MENA region.