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WS140409 Mind Your Birth

Topic Highlights

The majority of women relate pain to their birthing experiences. It even goes further than that: women who have had painless births are dismissed as liars or delusional.
If birth, as a matter of fact, is painful, then why isn’t it painful for every woman? Why do mothers in some cultures birth gently and naturally? Are the animals privileged of birthing easily and smoothly, whilst we have to suffer? 
Pain is a message from our body that something is wrong…but what is wrong with birth?
Looking back at history, we can understand that women were terrified – not of birthing, but of fear of complications resulting in deaths. This extreme fear is conditioned in our minds. Also, stories from family and the media don’t help - This programmed fear is what causes tension, which causes muscles to tighten up, which in turn causes pain.

MIND YOUR BIRTH is a program to help de-hypnotize any belief of a fearful and painful birth and re-install the peaceful, calm and natural program that female bodies were designed with.

About the Speaker

Mona Abdulrahim-Santl (Mind Your Power - Beirut & Riyadh), has a multi-cultural background and thus understands how to flexibly adapt her work to the cultural, but also unique and individual needs of clients or multi-national corporations. She practices and trains in 4 languages and incorporates Hypnosis, NLP, Emotional Intelligence tools, EFT, Pranic healing, Kinesiology, Coaching and more into very personalized one on one sessions as well as corporate trainings.