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WS140604 Introduction to Scrum

Topic Highlights

This introductory session touches Scrum strengths, show use, differences between Scrum and Waterfall practices. The main objectives:

Explain Scrum principles and practices
Understand Scrum roles and responsibilities
Differences between Scrum and Waterfall practices

In this workshop you will learn what is Agile, why Agile is booming and how it helps software companies and software development teams.  What is the Scrum methodology, what are the different roles, events and artifacts needed to apply scrum in your company.

The second part of this workshop covers the questions & answers from attendees, having specific work cases they would like to discuss further.

About the Speaker

Joanna Khoury is a Scrum coach, consultant and trainer for software companies willing to adopt Scrum in their software development life cycle.
She comes from a Computer Science background, have occupied different positions in software development companies which gives her experience in the software development life cycle. she backed up her technical knowledge with an MBA degree in general management, and a PMP training her experience in managing projects lead her to working in Ayna Corporation where they used Scrum methodologies in their development life cycle, there she becomes an Agile Project Manager, certified Scrummaster and Product Owner.

She co-founded ScrumArabia with Mr. Adonis El Fakih to help companies willing to use Scrum for developing software application.