Achieving Customer Loyalty - what not to do

posted Aug 27, 2013, 2:51 AM by Roger Khater   [ updated Sep 3, 2013, 4:19 AM ]

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Most Lebanese Companies seek Customer Satisfaction which is WORTHLESS. It is does not give any company or person any advantage, it is Loyalty that makes you different. How Loyal are your customers? Customers are becoming more Smarter, Leaner, Harder to Satisfy, More Demanding, Backstabbers, Wolf Crying, and Disloyal. Why? It is because of you. What are you doing to make them Loyal. What Principals and Actions you take that makes your customer loyal? Satisfactions is No more the standard as it is the Lowest form of Loyalty.

The 2 days Seminar will focus on how to create and deliver a service in a positive customer retaining manner.
Your Investment Day1 135 USD, Day2 135 USD , Day 1 & 2 250 USD
Location: Gefinor Rotana Hotel - Hamra
Date & Time: Sept 3rd - 4th, 3:00-8:30 including Brunch

The workshop has limited 20 seats dedicated for active Sales Managers, GM and CEO. If you would like to book, please email your interest, contact details, to or call us on 01- 411 423 and will get back to you very shortly